About Our Company

Quality Feeds Ltd was founded in 1995, with a commitment to produce and market animal feed products of high quality standard and absolute hygiene to the farmers. QFL has deep roots and connections to some of the feed industry pioneers who paved the way for excellence in animal nutrition.

QFL produces and distributes poultry, fish, shrimp and cattle feed throughout Bangladesh through 12 Zonal Offices, 29 Regional Offices, 23 Depots, 2 Fish Diseases Diagnosis Lab and 15 Poultry Diseases Diagnosis Lab with the contribution of more than 1000 plus agents. QFL has over the years become synonymous with quality & a trusted partner as a feed manufacturer in Bangladesh. The Company has 17 independent plants capable of producing pelleted feed as mash feed. The plants are strategically located in Gazipur and Bogura.

The total installed output capacity is 5,50,000 metric tons per annum.

QFL has five sister concern companies involved in agro processing and packaging.

Quality Breeders Limited – breeder house and poultry hatchery

Quality Aquabreeds Limited – telapia, pungush and magur fish hatchery

Quality Integrated Agro Limited – poultry processing, further processing and table eggs

Alliance Bag Limited – poly propylene woven bag packaging

Quality Livestock Limited – premium grade cattle

Our Vision

To provide value for money to customers and promoting good work environment for employees to enhance commitment and job satisfaction

To support our shared mission we are committed to:

  • Developing employee capability at all levels
  • Providing value for money to our customers
  • Focus on research and development to improve existing product lines & introduce new products
  • Developing market network for easy access of our products to our customer
  • Create long-term relationships with customers, business partners, employees, joint ventures and shareholders

Our Mission

QFL Milestones

1995 Quality Feeds Limited starts operation at Bagharbazar, Gazipur with 1st pellet plant
2001 Alliance Bag Limited established
2003 Quality Feeds Limited starts operation in Shahjahanpur, Bogra with 5th mash/pellet plant
2004 Quality Grains Limited established
2007 Quality Breeders Limited established
2009 Quality Aquabreeds Limited established
2013 Quality Feeds Limited starts operation in Nondigram, Bogra with 12th pellet plant
2016 Quality Integrated Agro Limited established
2017 Quality Feeds Limited launches shrimp operation in Nondigram, Bogra with 14th & 15th shrimp plant
2020 Quality Feeds Limited expanded operation in Nondigram, Bogra with 16th & 17th floating plant
2021 Quality Livestock Limited established