Quality Control

Animals need balanced diets to ensure availability of all required nutrients such as protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. If feed is deficient in any of these important nutrients, the animal will perform below potential. The objective in terms of feed formulation is to optimize the diets to maximize profit for the farmers.

To produce a balanced poultry or fish feed, it is necessary to know the nutrient content of each of the ingredients used to produce the feed. While average nutritive values can be used in formulation rations, it is often found that the actual nutrient value of an ingredient is much higher or lower than average. The only way to be sure that the final feed has the required nutrients at the least cost, is to obtain a lab analysis report that indicates the nutritive value of a representative sample.

The Company has independent testing laboratories in both Gazipur & Bogra cluster plants. The QFL Lab has recently established a check-sample program. This service is for private feed manufacturing companies that have their own feed analysis labs and for QFL’s regional feed analysis laboratories. The check-sample program will let the lab managers know how their lab results compare with the established average and standard deviation. If they find that their results differ from other labs, they can take steps to alter their testing procedures to ensure that their result are more accurate. This process is known as Equipment & Process Calibration.

We also provide our services to other feed millers, farmers, suppliers at marginal cost.

Quality Lab


The following nutrition factors are determined in QFL Lab by observing feed ingredients or produced feed for Fish, Poultry, Shrimp and Cattle:

Crude ProteinCalcium
Crude FibreMagnesium
Crude FatPhosphorus
Total ProximateMetabolic energy determination
Urease ActivityNon protein nitrogen
Protein SolubilityAcid value of oil
Per-oxide Value 

The laboratories are equipt with the following measuring equipments:

Micro Oven, Digital Balance –0.001 & digit, Water Distillation Unit, Hot Plate With Magnetic Stirrer, Crude Protein Determinate (Kjeltec System), Muffle Furnace, Desiccators, Soxhlet Apparatus, Grinding Mill, Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer and PH Meter.

Why QFL lab is prefered:

  • Fully air-conditioned and hygienic
  • Provide assurance of accurate result
  • Competitive price
  • Maintain confidentiality of test
  • Quick report
  • International standard
Testing in Laboratory
Testing in Laboratory

Interested persons or organizations can send 250-300 gm sample to QFL lab, both in Gazipur and Bogra. Sample should be sent in a moisture-protected pot as early as possible. Please mention sample code & test name on sample packet.

S/N Name of test Fees (Tk)
1 Moisture 100
2 Ash 150
3 Crude Protein 400
4 Crude Fibre 300
5 Crude Fat 350
6 Total Proximate 1000
7 Urease Activity 300
8 Protein Solubility 500
9 Per-oxide Value 300
10 Ammonia 400
11 Silica 300
12 Calcium 200
13 Magnesium 200
14 Phosphorus 200
15 Metabolic energy determination 1000