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Our Broiler (Champion brand) and Sonali feed is one of the best in Bangladesh. With a highly competitive FCR, it ensures maximum return for our farmers.


Our Premium brand Layer feed has become synonymous with quality and consistency amongst farmers, with unrivalled performance in terms of egg production and longevity.


A pioneer in Fish feed, we are by far the largest fish feed producer in Bangladesh. With a large portfolio of both sinking and floating feed we cater to all types of fish farmers.


A pioneer in Shrimp feed, we are the front runners of shrimp feed innovation. We have product range for both Bagda and Golda, with our shrimp feed range the go to feed for shrimp farmers.


With a growing cattle feed market in Bangladesh we are committed to providing the best value for money. With a range of both fattening and dairy feed in both pellet and mash form our products are gaining demand amongst farmers.

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QUALITY GOLD is a highly nutritious, protein, mineral and vitamin enriched fish food formula to provide optimal health, growth and color for all your aquarium fish.

Our Story

Quality Feeds Ltd was founded in 1995, with a commitment to produce and market animal feed products of high quality standard and absolute hygiene to the farmers. QFL has deep roots and connections to some of the feed industry pioneers who paved the way for excellence in animal nutrition.

QFL produces and distributes poultry, fish, shrimp and cattle feed throughout Bangladesh through 12 Zonal Offices, 29 Regional Offices, 23 Depots, 2 Fish Diseases Diagnosis Lab and 15 Poultry Diseases Diagnosis Lab with the contribution of more than 1000 plus agents. QFL has over the years become synonymous with quality & a trusted partner as a feed manufacturer in Bangladesh. The Company has 17 independent plants capable of producing pelleted feed as mash feed. The plants are strategically located in Gazipur and Bogura.

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