Quality Aquabreeds Limited

Aerial view of project

Quality Aquabreeds Limited was founded in 2009 and has two production units based at Narkeli, Kahaloo, Bogura and Jamgram, Kahaloo, Bogura. The Company was established to carry on the business of producing high quality Tilapia, Pungush, Ornamental and among others fish fries for its customers. The mother broods are sourced from reputable establishments in Thailand. This ensures proper genetics and hence greater return to farmers.

The brood fish is culled every 2 years to avert inbreeding issues. Fry performance in the field is one of the best in the country.

Total project area including brood pond & hatchery is 195 bighas.

The production target for the year 2022 is 205,000,000 fries.

Total number of trained workers is 187.


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