Going Green- With an objective of reducing carbon footprint, environmental friendly operations and overall sustainability, QFL and its sister concerns have taken various steps to reach that goal.

Organic Raw materials

We are proud to say that we are 99% organic in terms of sourcing our raw materials for our feed division. We understand the importance our customers place in healthy living and eating, and as a part of this process we ensure the RM we use in our food operations are free of any harmful substances, as well as ensuring all our processed food is antibiotic, MBM and preservative free.

Using Husk to power our Boiler units

As an alternative to diesel our feed production plants are using husk to operate the boilers. This has been instrumental in allowing for a safe and sustainable way to power our operations and reduce carbon emission.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Keeping hygiene and consistency in mind many of our factories have water treatment plants which are even fit for human consumption. This helps to promote sustainability and reduce overall waste to the environment.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

For our food processing unit we have installed a rendering plant which ensures all waste and bi-product are processed for further use. In our farming operations we have installed biogas plants which convert chicken waste and litter into energy, while our Bag production unit is fully recycling its PP woven bag wastage to reduce environmental harm.