Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

Quality Feeds Limited is proud to be associated with a number of organizations as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program. Contributing to society and its development has always been at the core of the company’s policies. As a result it has participated in various development programs both directly and indirectly. Given below are some of the organizations QFL has worked with.

Subarta Trust:

The trust runs residential care centers in Dhaka, Savar and Netrokona providing assisted living arrangements, food and recreation for the elderly. QFL runs one of its biggest CSR program with Subarta Trust which started in 2010. Currently QFL owns a small cottage at Swapnolok peace valley, Manikganj, which is under the management of Subarta Trust. An ambulance was also donated to Subarta Trust to provide service to its residents. Also QFL has sponsored various recreational activities organized by Subarta Trust.

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Jalalabad Blind Welfare Association:

The association runs an eye hospital in Sylhet, named Jalalabad Eye Hospital. The association helps treat underprivileged blind patients, organizing eye camps at different locations. QFL has been working with the association since 2012 providing donations to cover medicine costs, operation costs, procure operation table.

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Association for Correction and Social Reclamation (ACSR):

An NGO that is dedicated towards the economic emancipation and moral uplift to distressed girls and women who are at a social disadvantage. QFL has been providing funds to the institute since 2013 for the procurement of training equipments and instruments such as computers and books.

National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh:

Located in Panthapath, Dhaka, National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to prevention, treatment, education and research on liver diseases. QFL has provided funds to the hospital for the building of its facilities.

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Centre for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP):

Founded in 1979 in response to desperate need for services for spinal injury patients, CRP focuses on a holistic approach to rehabilitation. They are engaged in physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, and economic rehabilitation allowing patients to successfully reintegrate into the community. QFL has been working with CRP since 2010, helping patients by donating computers, printers, monitors and other training equipments for patients.

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Shishu polli Plus (SPP):

Based in Sreepur, SPP works with destitute mothers and their children to give them the health, knowledge and skills they need to function independently in society. At the moment over 130 mothers and 540 children are supported by SPP. QFL has been working with SPP since 2008 and has helped sponsor various cultural events hosted by the NGO. It has also donated funds to the organization over the years for meal requirements of SPP’s residence and for covering basic operating costs.

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Develop Humanitarianism for the Underprivileged (DHUP):

An organization set up to create and develop an educational environment for the underprivileged and special needs children. They are also committed to providing easy excess to healthcare for the underprivileged. QFL has donated funds to DHUP for the smooth running of their operations.

National Fellowship for the Advancement of Visually Handicapped (NFAVH):

A religious education center located in Tongi that focuses on providing education to visually impaired individuals. The funding provided by QFL has been spent for the welfare of the blind students such as food, dress and other daily necessities.

Center for Zakat Management (CZM):

is a faith-based social enterprise, aiming to promote the obligation of Zakat ordained by Allah SWT as an economic tool for bringing prosperity to the disadvantaged. CZM works for creating awareness about Zakat among Muslims, mobilizing and distributing Zakat in an organized and planned manner. QFL has provided Zakat funds to CZM which were used for primary education and nutrition projects as well as providing primary healthcare.

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Durree Samad Rahman High School:

This School was established in 2004 at west Khasmahal (Nizgaon), Rajnagar of Moulvibazar Distrit. Since inception this institution helped provide quality education among the students of this region. The school is consistently doing well in PSC, JSC & SSC exams. Quality Feeds Limited has worked with this school to maintain & improve the standard of quality education and will continue to do so in the future.

Charity Right Bangladesh:

was established with the mission to help those in poverty providing them with nourishment and to give them a better chance at life. Presently this organization is providing support to 864 orphans, 1,025 needy children, 30 autistic children, 23 disabled families and 72 destitute families. QFL is honored to be a part of this colossal task. QFL believes that together we can eradicate the fatal chain of poverty and hunger from our community.

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We Foundation:

is a community based, volunteer steered organization working since 2009. It strives for the education of poor children. It has outreach of 400 children in three areas- Gazipur, Dhaka and Pabna, with the mission of bringing significant change to the lives of poor children by stressing on ethics education, computer literacy, English Language, relevant life skills and other vocational training (like tailoring, cutting, nursing). QFL is proud to be a donating partner of We Foundation to help in areas such as construction of school and other educational infrastructure.

UKBET (UK-Bangladesh Education Trust):

is a UK registered charity and a registered international NGO in Bangladesh. It has been working in English language training, teaching and learning development since 1993. So far, to support capacity building in Bangladesh, QFL has donated funds to UKBET for smooth running of their operations and we remain a valued partner in their future endeavors.

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Free feeding program in respond Covid-19:

With the ongoing global pandemic of covid-19, which has devastated the Bangladesh economy and healthcare system, QFL has tried to do it’s part to give back to the community. With the poorest and marginalized people being affected the most in terms of loss of jobs and poverty, we have been reaching out to the hardest hit communities through our vast network by handing out food supplies to the poor. The free food program started from March-2020 and is an ongoing part of our CSR.

Relief Programs:

QFL has arranged various relief programs to provide support to the poor affected by natural disasters. Two of its most significant relief programs of 2017 were in Rangpur, Dinajpur, Kurigram, Sylhet & Sunamgonj. QFL provided support to the vulnerable groups in the form of food and other necessities.

Bidyanondo Foundation:

Bidyanondo Foundation, one of the country’s leading volunteer organizations, has set a goal to provide food assistance to at least 200,000 families of Bangladesh’s rural population, to fight the coronavirus crisis. Since the country’s first detected coronavirus case on March 8, the organization has been helping people in need with a range of aid support. QFL is proud to be associated with Bidyanondo foundation and is committed to provide assistance in its fight against the pandemic.

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Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust:

BANCAT is a nationwide, community based, voluntary organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service. QFL is proud to be a donating partner of BANCAT for the smooth running of its operations dedicated to fighting cancer.

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