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Quality Integrated Agro Limited is a private limited company founded in 2016. QIL was established with the objective of producing premium grade agro and food based items for quality conscious consumers.

The company has set up a poultry processing plant in Mantala, Habiganj which was launched on March, 2018 with the objective of producing high quality processed and further processed meat (Poultry, Beef, Mutton) items. The plant is situated on approximately 2.82 acres of land and has a capacity to process 10,000 birds per shift and produce 4500 Kg of further processed items per shift. The Beef processing section has a current capacity to process 250 cattle a month.

 It is currently marketing its product in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet Region. QIL prides itself in having a fully integrated supply chain model, starting from feed, farming, production and logistics network. Some key features of its meat products are that its Halal, Antibiotic Residue free and ISO certified.

The company has also launched packaged brown eggs under the brand name Quality Eggs. The eggs are produced at its own commercial layer farms in Gazipur. Currently the daily capacity of egg production is roughly 20,000 eggs per day consisting of red yolk brown and omega enriched eggs.

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