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Quality Livestock Limited (QLL) was founded in 2021, with the objective of sustainable farming, processing and marketing of premium grade cattle, mutton and chicken products. Production of high quality livestock has always been at the core of our business principles and QLL serves as an extension in our mission to deliver safe and hygienic protein to our customers.

The project will entail a farming setup with a capacity of 4500 cattle for beef fattening, 3000 goat, 250,000 broiler birds and 350,000 layer birds. The production unit will also consist of a state of the art processing plant to ensure safe, halal and hygienic meat and eggs.

Sustainability and zero waste in all our business ventures is an integral part of our core vision, and QLL is no exception in this regard with our policy of being carbon neutral and independent of external power source. The project will be run on solar power and fitted with an ETP (water treatment) and a Biogas setup.

The project is situated in Nandigram, Bogra on 126 bighas of land.

The project will employ around 200 people.